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September 10, 2011
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The Border of the Swamps by Darkness-Nightguard The Border of the Swamps by Darkness-Nightguard
A Black Dragon on the Border of the Swamps approaches :D

My references were the Black Dragon in the Dungeons and Dragons Monster Compendium 3.5, page 72 and the picture of the black Dragons Vióaraghamanthar and Waervarendor in the Dungeons and Dragons - Forgotten Realms - Dragons of Faerun, page 153. I used them Both in the hope of getting a better view on this bony head, however in the end I tried it on my own :squee:

Black Dragons are chaotic evil Chromatic Dragons living in warm, moist regions. They are able to breathe in water for unlimited time, and they spit acid. Also they hide their lair by a thick wall of plants summoned by their ability to let plants grow. Older Black Dragons are also able to spoil about 270 liters of water, so no living creature can survive in this filthy water anymore, and to charm reptiles.
The nestlings are about 75 cm big, and the Great Wyrms reach up to 6 meters.
They eat usually fish, amphibians and other aquatic animals, but also livestock, which they, however, prefer to 'salt' before eating by letting them rest in ponds in their lair. Black Dragons love coins in particular. Older Black Dragons sometimes catch humanoids to question them about great beds of gold-, silver- and platin-coins, before killing them.

All of this information is to be found in the D&D Monster Compendium, where I took it from.
The Black Dragon © Dungeons and Dragons or Wizards of the Coast, or whomever he belongs to :roll:

I talked with someone about this dragon, which lead to the statement that Black Dragons are cool, too, which made me wanting to get that skully dragon on paper :happybounce:
So, here you go! :XD:
This took me however longer than the silver Dragon, I had some problems with the left wing, which in the beginning had another position - and looked crippeled =P So, now they are (more or less) symmetrical. About five hours... without all the breaks ^^;

I drew a Red and a Silver Dragon, too! ;)

EDIT: And here you find all dragons of the Monster Compendium! ;)
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awesome landscape, wild dragon!!
I still hate to fight Black Dragons because in addition to just being plain bad asses they also live in my least favorite environment.
:D Yeah, they are some hard shots! But they look awesome ;)
Koraxrabe Sep 25, 2011   Filmographer
cool :D
OHA!!! :wow: Sieht wieder total cool aus! Du blühst richtig auf mit deinen Drachen! :laughing: Sieht wieder totaaaaal super aus! Wie computergemacht! Und die Landschaft... :faint: Ich krieg mich nicht mehr! :clap: Wiedermal dich selbst übertroffen! :happybounce:
:tighthug: Mehr kann ich dazu nicht sagen! Danke danke danke! :aww:
Ja ja. Wie immer... ;) Du kommentierst meine Sachen ja auch immer so nett... :D
:hug: Ich überhör dich einfach mal...
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